God, I just wanna tell you! How I feel. 
                                                 How you make me feel.


i’m not kidding the worst sound ever is the crack in the voice of a person who is about to cry


I would go to one of these parties but first I gotta make sure my health insurance covers it


you guys are pretty cool for 50 year-old pedophiles


steal her style: god warrior

chanel cerf tote bag black with silvertone hardware ($2,300)

rick owens maxi jersey dress ($1,180)

lkuria grey pearl drop earrings ($3,545)

elizabeth & james’ gaby shirt ($105)

tom ford red pate de verre cross necklace ($2,959)

Apart from being emo, what do you do for a living


me when straight girls



Steal Her Look: Marina & The Diamonds

- Perfect Shape Bra from BODY by Victoria’s Secret (Blue): $55.50
- Lolita Blonde Wig: $12.34
- Revlon ColorSilk Hair Color (Dark Brown): $2.99
- COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Black Eyeliner: $4.79
- Remington Black Hair Wrap: $2.65
- Contract with 679 Recordings: -$25 million